I’m a writer and filmmaker. I’ve been creating content since I was a little kid publishing a daily newspaper out of my house.  These days, I’m working on episodic pilots and specs, with a focus on genre.

I believe it’s important for writers to Direct and Produce, so I am often shooting or in prep to shoot.

I recently wrote and produced “Disney Cartoon Camera”  with Walt Disney Animation Studios.

As a filmmaker, I’m fascinated by Walt Disney’s Multiplane Camera which was built to realize Walt’s creative dream for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937), it remained the go-to animation camera tech for almost 50 years.  As I discovered more about the camera, I learned more about the notion of camera in animation, which is what this documentary is all about.

I’ve also been busy working on my web series,  “The Nevermore Chronicles”  created with my good friend Dr. Mike McClenahan.  We call it: “The Twilight Zone ” in four minutes. It’s shot on a shoe-string budget and is written and directed by myself and Mike. Our hostess, Alexandria Nevermore (Sara Maraffino) takes us through twisty tales.  It’s a blast making these.  You can find out more in the Credits section.

And in all my free time, I blog.  Anything that comes to mind really as well as some useful writing tips that I discover. Writing is hard, and when I find a nugget, I’m happy to share.

Thank you for visiting – you can reach me through the contact form or via links on my About page.

The Nevermore Chronicles