Award Season Is Coming!

Award Season is coming!  I love it and hate it.

There are obvious issues with awards as evidenced by #OscarsSoWhite and reports of racism, sexism, ageism, bigotry and on and on. I recognize that those are issues and powerful ones at that, but I’d like to address two other concerns that I don’t think have gotten much attention.

THE FASHION POLICE:  Too fat, too thin, bad dress, bad shoes.  Honestly, I look at a dress and generally have no strong opinion, unless it’s something insane like Bjork’s Swan or J-Lo’s flimsy nip-slip-threatening dressing gown. When armchair fashion quarterbacks are vicious or over-the-moon about a dress, I’m left scratching my head. I don’t get it.  I don’t see it.  I don’t care.  I don’t care what you’re wearing, just please wear underwear and make sure it covers all your parts. This peculiar fascination with what the actors, mostly women, are wearing supports body shaming and objectification  in Hollywood. How nice it would be to have an award show and never hear anyone talk about what someone is wearing, but rather discuss their work, their inspiration and talent.

AWARD SHOWS ARE NOT ROASTS:  I don’t like all the nasty.  It should be required viewing to watch old Bob Hope clips at the Academy Awards.  They were funny and the only people who got burned were either vague “Hollywood Types” or Hope himself.  Award shows are supposed to be celebrations and recognition of hard work.  The point is to acknowledge talent of all types and cherish their contribution to the world stage.  People work their entire careers and when they finally get to be in that room as a nominee, we should celebrate them, not use the show as a platform to push agendas and roast people.

As a member of the Producers Guild, I vote for the PGA awards. I take it seriously; I watch as many screeners as I can – time permitting. I try because I know how I would feel if I were nominated. I would want people to take it seriously too. Being nominated is a great honor and achievement and I don’t want it cluttered up with bad behavior.  Is it too much to ask to make these shows classy again?

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