The Nevermore Chronicles

The Nevermore Chronicles is a web series developed by myself and Mike McClenahan. The series, inspired by such anthology greats as, “The Twilight Zone”, “Night Gallery” and “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, has a broad range of genres represented  from Supernatural Horror to Dark Comedy – all with the requisite ‘twist’. Each episode runs approximately 4 minutes creating quite a storytelling challenge!

We’ve had such a great time working with a fantastic ensemble cast with Sara Maraffino as Alexandria Nevermore, our hostess and I would be remiss to ignore our composer, Craig McClenahan, who did our wonderful score for “A Night at the Roosevelt” and has composed all our music!

We’re in Season 2 now, please check out our channel on You Tube. But here are some of my favorites…


Stars Justin Sorvillo, a fine young actor and Bill Mendieta, who I worked with on “A Night at The Roosevelt”, a dear friend and superb talent.



I also had the great honor to work with Katherine Justice who was in just about everything from the 1960’s on, and then, like many women in Hollywood, saw her career stall when she hit “a certain age.”


I’m a huge fan of Queen and Freddie Mercury, so this had to happen. Features the incredible Richie Lillard with Bill Mendieta. Stay to the end for a twist and Craig’s wonderful Queen-like version of our end-credits theme.